A little bit about the blog


If you’re not my mum or one of my best pals (hey guys!) then you might wanna know what the hell this blog is all about.  So here goes…

Mega Lists

First and foremost I’m compiling some lists of family-friendly places to eat, drink and play in Manchester.

I’m creating lists because, well, lists are great!  And when you’re in desperate need of a wee and a brew, the last thing you wanna do is scroll through a load of waffle.  Sometimes you just wanna know where you can park your pram without getting your knickers in a twist.

Badly Written Reviews

I love food but I’m not a food critic, so the ‘reviews’ are probably better described as short stories about a child throwing chips and mother’s failed attempts to drink a brew before it goes cold.  Saying that, if I’m served up a perfectly poached egg then I will shout about it.

Extreme Baby Boring

‘Here’s one of him eating, here’s one of him throwing food, here’s one of him screaming, here’s one of us getting kicked out, here’s one of me crying, here’s one of us in Bargain Booze’.

This blog is just a good excuse to take a million more pictures of my child!  I can save my real life Facebook friends from the constant barrage of photos but still get my baby-boring fix. Everyone’s happy.  Oh, except my kid.  And his dad.

Mama Gang

Since the blog seed was planted I have found loads of amazing Manchester based mamas.  If you’re local and and don’t mind sharing a brew with us I’d love to invite you along to help me write a review.  It would be great to get someone else’s perspective and help make my reviews sound proper dead good!

The Masterplan

And now the real motivation for starting the project.

Cake.  Free cake.

I won’t lie, there have been times when I dreamed that blogging would get me a load of free stuff.  Free clothes, free holidays, free dental work!  But I’m a realist so I’m aiming relatively low.  If this blog gets me a slice of cake on the house, then I’ll be made up.

So if you’re interested in getting involved, have any recommendations or wanna provide us with free cake then please give me a shout at mcrmother@hotmail.com.

Thanks for reading!